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A mobile first investment app that looks awesome and uses techno wizardry so your wealth can grow fast…like kelp!

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Kelp Invest
Sophisticated, Automated Investing Made Easy
No Longer For The Financial Elite

No Longer For The Financial Elite

Maximize your savings with Kelp. Enjoy flexible deposits and withdrawals while earning high interest. Make the most of your money with Kelp

Set It And Forget It

Set It And Forget It

A security first approach to a self-custody wallet while being easy to use


Easy As1,2,3

Create a high performing portfolio with only a few steps and let Kelp’s disciplined strategies handle the daily grind

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    How diversified do you want your portfolio to be

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    Equities, cryptocurrencies, or both

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    How much to invest in this portfolio


BacktestedFor Maximum Profits

Kelp Invest is continuously backtested in all sorts of market situations using historical data fromover 7000 individual assets over a 30 year period and growing.Multiple, sophisticated algorithms are used to provide simultaneous positive affirmations of a signal.

Not only that, but a Recurrent Neural Network can also be added to further predict a possible range of ROI and further hone asset selection.

Years Of Historical Data


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A Unique ApproachTo Investing

Algorithmic Signalling

Multiple algorithms are used to analyze short, medium, and long term trends to find opportunities on a daily basis

Disciplined Strategy

A 3 month strategy with automatic portfolio analysis and compounding

Circuit Breakers

Kelp Invest has a maximum drawdown of 10% to limit potential losses and wider market effects in case of a Black Swan event

Machine Learning

An additional layer to further refine the daily list by using a Recurrent Neural Network to predict asset prices

Continuous Backtesting

We aggregate historical data for over 7000 assets, and growing, to simulate various market conditions and portfolios returns while we continually improve our strategies


Self-Custody is at the heart of Kelp and investing is no different with the end goal of decentralizing as much of the strategies as we cans